$1.1 Billion and Counting…

Since the launch of the Give Light Campaign, the Baylor Family has supported Baylor University, creating resourcing and funding to expand programs, support students and create new opportunities for faculty. 

Give Light Campaign Progress

The Give Light Campaign surpassed the initial goal of $1.1 billion, marking the campaign as the largest and most successful fundraising effort in the University’s 177-year history.

The Give Light Campaign’s 99,000 donors have given or pledged more than $1.48 billion, including:

  • Helping to grow Baylor’s endowment by $615 million;
  • Providing more than $590 million to fund and create programs and establish scholarships through expendable funds; and
  • Supporting the Give Light Capital Fund, which undergirds the campus’s capital priorities and has received $285 million toward its campaign goal of $300 million.
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