Global Mission Leadership Initiative Contributes to Christ-Centered International Development

March 10, 2020

Efforts across the University to prepare students for global impact are often made possible only through the generosity and vision of donors. Our alumni, parents and friends help fund the University’s programs that recruit international students to the University and send Baylor students into the world. The results are culturally rich experiences that bring greater awareness, cultural sensitivity and effectiveness to the life-changing curricula and skills our students learn through such programming as the Global Mission Leadership initiative.

The nationally renowned Global Mission Leadership (GML) initiative, established in 2009, within Baylor’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work contributes to Christ-centered international development through responsible engagement and culturally informed education. The GML Scholarship Program strengthens global Christian leaders by identifying them and recruiting them to Baylor, sponsoring them as they earn a master’s degree in social work.

“Each GML student, with unique attributes and insights, has left lasting impressions on the [Baylor] community. This program started with loaves and fishes placed in the hands of God with the belief that supporting international leaders with social work education would result in human flourishing. And it has,” said Jennifer Dickey, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer and Chair of Global Leadership. “Only God can cause this rich multiplication of human flourishing. I’m expectant of wonderful days ahead as we continue to collaborate and innovate with our GML students and alumni resulting in thriving communities around the world.”

While here, these international community leaders enhance Baylor’s global classroom by providing international perspectives to students and faculty alike. Then, graduates subsequently return to their home countries for transformational service in such organizations as World Vision, Compassion International, Buckner International and UNICEF.

In February 2019, Dickey’s loaves and fishes were transformationally multiplied through a $2 million gift from Baylor parents from California, who established an endowed Chair in Global Leadership. The endowed fund supports a full-time faculty member to lead the program and help grow its outreach and curriculum to equip social work students interested in serving globally and to secure the future of the initiative at Baylor. The generous gift will help defray some of the costs for the initiative, but there are still resources needing investment.

The two-year breakdown cost estimation for GML students totals more than $153,400. Gifts like endowed scholarships, which aid students both on a need and merit basis, allow participation in the program to prepare God-called, service-hearted global leaders for a lifetime of Christian ministry.